Asemic Bhubezi Animals

My creative spirit has been labouring a little under lifes burdens, but this last week about 8 skeletons emerged from digs close to The Bridges Between.  Of course the diggers don’t know what they found, but all these creatures are documented in the The Final Chronicles of Lyrehc.  The Bhubezi Mythology is documented on

Asemic animal Cheryl Penn

Asemic animal Cheryl Penn 1

Asemic animal Cheryl Penn 2

Asemic animal Cheryl Penn 6

Asemic Writing – An Encyclopedia of Everything – The Expanded Version

Asemic Writing Painting:  I wrote a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it

Asemic Writing.  Cheryl Penn.  An Encyclopedia of Everything 1

Edition of two and then two more handmade books made from a painting from the I wrote a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it series.

Included text is the first part of an article to be published on asemic writing on issuu When one looks up the term ‘asemic writing’, there are very few variations in definition. It is generally perceived to be wordless writing, with open, or no semantic content. Since making art from asemic writing, I have always referred to it as writing in the shadowlands – that is, a writing form between existing between words and language structures.

Asemic Writing.  Cheryl Penn.  An Encyclopedia of Everything

It LOOKS like writing, but it is not writing – if one perceives writing to be script intended to communicate.   Through school we are all taught to write a uniform way, but strangely, this drawing form has a life of its own.   It’s not long before each student has his or her own interpretation of the alphabet. And so I go on… Open debate also questions whether  asemic writing is a branch of visual poetry or not.

Asemic Writing.  Cheryl Penn.  An Encyclopedia of Everything 2

Asemic Samples – An Encyclopedia of Everything

Like most people, when I was first introduced to the concept of Asemic Writing it came as quite a shock that there was TITLE and a genre and a community of people who practiced this writing form.

I received – I can only call them snippets of Asemic writing over quite a long period. Instead of them disappearing into storage, I have gathered them into a book.

These samples entrench my feeling of the elasticity of the term ‘asemic’. I have stitched asemics (Marie Wintzer (Japan), asemics on fallen wall plaster (Heather Miller – South Africa), painted asemics (Sue Bowen – USA) and printed asemics (Samual Montalvetti – Argentina) to name but a few.