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Bhubezi Mythology

Bhubezi Mythology Cheryl Penn

Up and Running: David Baptiste Chirot/Cheryl Penn

Up and Running: David Baptiste Chirot/Cheryl Penn

Mail Art Makes the World a Town - Edition 16

Mail Art Makes the World a Town Edition 16

David Stone Citadel An Encyclopedia of Everything

David Stone – Citadel

TICTAC An Encyclopedia of Everything Artists Book

TICTAC – 3.0 # 16 (Endings and Beginnings)

An Encyclopedia of Everything

Stephanie Turnbull – 3.0 # 16 (Endings and Beginnings)An Encyclopedia of Everything



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The New Alexandrian Library:

Peter Muller Give aways for the deceased. The New Alexandrian Library. Cheryl Penn. diffus peter muller. Artists book. The New Alexandrian Library japonais peter muller. Artists book. The New Alexandrian Library.

Müller, Peter (Germany) Verlach Friedichrodaer Hefde

An Encyclopedia of Everything:

Peter Muller Future City. An Encyclopedia of Everything

Müller, Peter (Germany) Verlach Friedichrodaer Hefde

3.0 # 16 Cheryl Penn Artists Book

Cheryl Penn

Books added to An Encyclopedia of Everything/New Alexandrian Library

I’m trying really hard to catch my tail, to little avail.  The artists book platform will be closing down in October, so I have begun a new site for book makers who wish to collaborate – either with me, or in groups.  I confess that making books has slowed down considerably as I am tackling an enormous paiNTing project (details follow shortly).  The google blog is a little clumsy, but its all I can manage right now. Here follow some additions to An Encyclopedia of Everything:


Jac Balmer (UK) 3.0 # 17 (Colours/Folding/Recycling) (Hungarian Flowers)


Southorn, Jo (Australia) -3.0 # 17 (Colours/Folding/Recycling)


Peter Muller (Germany) Japanese Postcardsverlach-friedrichrodaer-hefte-an-encyclopedia-of-everything

 Peter Müller Cast Iron Covers


David Stone/Cheryl Penn – Mirror of Mortality



Hacker, Karl-Friedrich. The Collage Art of Pete Spence. Editioned Book. 2016


Dequesnes, Christian-Edzire (France)  BAZAR BLEU nuit/Le moulin des Loups no 6

An Encyclopedia of Everything

WAHL, Svenja (Germany) (Book 520)

3.0 # 17 (Colours/Folding/Recycling)

Svenja Wahl An Encyclopedia of Everything

(Accordion book, unnumbered.) From very early days on IUOMA I remember Svenja folding/recycling and coloring the most interesting old paper/photographs, magazine images. This time, old patterns are stamped and stuck on black matt paper recalling barbed wire forms of separation.

Stephanie Turnbull (UK) Book 521

3.0 # 17 (Colours/Folding/Recycling)

Stephanie Turnbull An Encyclopedia of Everything

(Unnumbered, unsigned, accordion bound book, with pamphlet stitch inserts). A chunky, gem of a book, which must recall the long evolution of Stephanie’s printing career. There are twists of humor, books in books, overlays, cut-outs, complex folds and pop-ups – a solid investigation of the title the group tackled.

TICTAC/Ptrzia (Germany)

3.0 # 17 (Colours/Folding/Recycling) (Smoothie)

TICTAC An Encyclopedia of Everything

(Accordion book signed Ptrzia (tictac), number 7 of 8). I still cannot for the life of me work out how TICTAC manages to make such elegant books with pristine cuts and folds and no finger marks – not ever! Lime and Orange smoothies I think – soothing to say the least.

Mikhail Pogarsky – An Encyclopedia of Everything


Pogarsky An Encyclopedia of Everything

Its been many months since I blogged. There are quite a number of books I have received this year. No excuses, but my time is being invested in other areas. I was about to whine about the lack of it, but that’s the situation with everyone. It’s going faster and is voraciously swallowed quicker by many more people. I remember reading somewhere – it you don’t use your time wisely someone else will! A good maxim to take note of. It is a pleasure again to page through these small volumes and see the care and love artists who make books spend on this art form. I can feel this ‘wee beastie’ stirring again.

Mikhail Pogarsky An Encyclopedia of Everything

A note from Mikhail reads:

Hi Cheryl,

This is the short description of my book:

Mikhail Pogarsky. Poems

Digital print, collage, author’s and antic stamps, painting. Single copy. 2016. Artist’s book combining 2 collections of poems by Mikhail Pogarsky: “12 dedications” in Russian and “Parypar” in Italian (translated by Evelina Schatz). This diptych is covered by different collage fragments, stamps and paint. The general idea – visual art is international language of poetry.

Best wishes to you”.

Book of Fire

Pogarsky An Encyclopedia of Everything - Catalogue

Mikhail sent this signed catalogue after an international exhibition of miniature artists books under the title Book Fire. The brief was to make a book inside a match box. There are ingenious interpretations of this theme inside the catalogue. I remember well this exercise – working small is not on my yard stick, but We’re post-literate and going up in flames was not too bad an effort!

catalogue Pogarsky An Encyclopedia of Everything

New Books – An Encyclopedia of Everything – The Expanded Version

Taking Heed According to Thy Word

Book 500 of An Encyclopedia of Everything.

I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to concentrate. Life presses in and its demands are most times overwhelming. The important things suffer mostly, and in the maelstrom we take too much for granted, expecting that what we have is a right, not a privilege. The quiet time afforded at the Ecclesia is a blessing I try not to take for granted, and the talks, seminars and lectures are an oasis, which can also be neglected/taken for granted. I write copious notes during this time and the Taking Heed According to Thy Word series is by far the biggest in An Encyclopedia of Everything. I think it’s about 15 books now.

This book covers the period of the Judges, where the lesson of sound leadership can be terribly neglected, the danger of using careless words through the examples of Laban and Balaam the Syrians, the building of the image empire of Daniel 2 in the latter days, and a really excellent lecture given by Dr David Fraser on Science and the Bible – a paraphrase could be – Is God Relevant?   Some interesting propositions came from this discourse. For example; does God only begin where science ends/can God and science co-exist/are science and God diametrically opposed ideologies? David contrasted scientists such as Prof Peter Higgs (Nobel prize winner 2013 – atheist) and Prof William Phillips (Nobel prize winner 1997). Both these men are unified on science, but are separated by their world view.

He went on to discuss Sir Isaac Newton and Prof Stephen Hawking who both held the same Chair, though 300 years apart and how their world views are completely different. Many examples of the fine minds of this world were compared and an overriding point for me became – mankind through science can work out all the How’s of creation, but the Why’s elude him if he is looking in the wrong direction.

This book also has notes on the different names and titles of God and their meanings, as well as a very interesting examination of the theory of evolution. It concludes with the start of notes on the Immanuel Prophesies and the birth of Mahershalalhashbaz.

Taking Heed According to Thy Word. Unique Artists Book. Cheryl Penn. An Encyclopedia of Everything



Where I’m At (Once and Again)

Unique Book, Where I’m At series, accordion bound, spine from Jans Bottom Drawer Series. Looking back over this subject (I think this is Book 9 in the series), I see some things change, but many do not.Recap – these are autobiographical books, but not in the traditional sense. I’m not particularly keen on autobiographies – they’re more records of creative process. There has not been much time for scribbling as has  been my custom, on large paper sheets, so I cut up one of the prints from  Jans Bottom Drawer series to form the spine of the book.  I get the feeling that An Encyclopedia of Everything may be drawing to a close as a project – and 500 books seems a good number to end on. But, by its very nature I don’t think it will ever END, but its slowed down considerably. One of the reasons is my penchant for change, perhaps.  Working for 3 years in volumes this size has at least rekindled my  interest in working on large surfaces once more. The book contains this  process as well as reflections on where I find myself right now, sometimes    awash in the vicissitudes of life, nevertheless standing firm in faith.

Where I'm At.  Cheryl Penn.  An Encyclopedia of Everything - the Expanded Version

So, how was your day?

Book of aleatory poetry – edition of 9 chapbooks, 1 book.

standing there,

it came to me

the order we woke up in.


its always with hindsight isn’t it.

(marvelous subatomic stuff)


the realization of

WHAT she’d done.

don’t be too hard

that was another time

another leader

trying to save

everything that happened

too late.

For full version of poem see:

SO, how was YOUR day? Aleatory poetry, Cheryl Penn, An Encyclopedia of Everything