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Its been a while, but I HAVE been busy.  First of all here’s  a course to attend.  A friend Daniyel Berry (Style Me – Image Consulting) and I were talking.  I had been wanting to give a course in accessing instinctive creativity and this was the perfect opportunity to put together something which I hope will be a great success.  It certainly has got me thinking and coalescing thoughts which have been milling about. Thats the thing about not having a permanent JOB – theres too much to do!!! give-me-back-my-mo-jo-cheryl-penn-accessing-instinctual-creativity

A collaboration with David Stone (USA) – see An Encyclopedia of Everything


and a limited edition book of aleatory poetry – part 2 of Non-linear yesterdays.


Books added to An Encyclopedia of Everything/New Alexandrian Library

I’m trying really hard to catch my tail, to little avail.  The artists book platform will be closing down in October, so I have begun a new site for book makers who wish to collaborate – either with me, or in groups.  I confess that making books has slowed down considerably as I am tackling an enormous paiNTing project (details follow shortly).  The google blog is a little clumsy, but its all I can manage right now. Here follow some additions to An Encyclopedia of Everything:


Jac Balmer (UK) 3.0 # 17 (Colours/Folding/Recycling) (Hungarian Flowers)


Southorn, Jo (Australia) -3.0 # 17 (Colours/Folding/Recycling)


Peter Muller (Germany) Japanese Postcardsverlach-friedrichrodaer-hefte-an-encyclopedia-of-everything

 Peter Müller Cast Iron Covers


David Stone/Cheryl Penn – Mirror of Mortality



Hacker, Karl-Friedrich. The Collage Art of Pete Spence. Editioned Book. 2016


Dequesnes, Christian-Edzire (France)  BAZAR BLEU nuit/Le moulin des Loups no 6

Bhubezi Mythology – At the Gate of All Nations

The Authentic Massacre of the Innocent Image. Painting # 102.


Remember this part of the story?

“”Lamassu, for those sufficiently interested was actually the name of Hypatia’s guardian (of COURSE she existed before the Alexandrian library). He protected her like a lion from her beginnings and THAT is where the iconography of his speed and strength occurs. There were a succession of dapper, lion-like men with the strength of bulls who protected the Bhubezi Women, but that’s part of another story”.


When we left him last he was surreptitiously pulling a piece of Erichs map out his Saville row suit pocket, and one glyph in the corner was glowing. Worse, if he had to leave in a hurry, the two Finders were still missing.  The Moor minions were also looking hugely suspicious and all this attention was causing his Man-Face to slip to his older self – the one who tackled the Barbarians who mistreated Hypatia.

How much more…

and suddenly

The Red Giraffe and Traveller   were at his elbow, pulling him back to sanity.


“We have the key”!


Bible Exhibition

We are attempting to revamp an old tool used for Gospel Proclamation – the Bible Exhibition.  In the old days, this exhibition travelled around the country and had a very positive effect in terms of building comrade with the members who manned it, as well as those who were introduced to the Christadelphians via this interactive means.  The stands have rusted (and they were LARGE) – TRUCKS were used to cart this effort around and many ‘bits’ have been lost.  To try streamline the current effort, hollow core doors (.85m X 2.1m) are  painted and hinged together to form cubicles in which various artefacts are displayed or hung.  It has taken shape more as a visual journey through the Bible, starting at Genesis and (God willing) working through to Revelation. There will be 66 panels in total.  Here are some efforts so far:


In the Beginning


Tower of Babel/Promises to Abraham (Genesis).  Additions to the panels include cuneiform tablets (replica’s), scrolls  and books.


Incomplete Egyptian panel showing the Book of the Dead ( a VERY old copy) and a pot made from Egyptian paste (material from which the scarab beetles were moulded).


Moses and the parting of the Red Sea (2 panels) (Book of Exodus)


Fall of Jericho and Sampson (Books of Joshua and Judges)

The Exhibition also contains a reasonable quantity of very old Bibles – its remarkable to be able to handle these old volumes – the journey of the Bible, to reach us today is truly remarkable.



An Encyclopedia of Everything

WAHL, Svenja (Germany) (Book 520)

3.0 # 17 (Colours/Folding/Recycling)

Svenja Wahl An Encyclopedia of Everything

(Accordion book, unnumbered.) From very early days on IUOMA I remember Svenja folding/recycling and coloring the most interesting old paper/photographs, magazine images. This time, old patterns are stamped and stuck on black matt paper recalling barbed wire forms of separation.

Stephanie Turnbull (UK) Book 521

3.0 # 17 (Colours/Folding/Recycling)

Stephanie Turnbull An Encyclopedia of Everything

(Unnumbered, unsigned, accordion bound book, with pamphlet stitch inserts). A chunky, gem of a book, which must recall the long evolution of Stephanie’s printing career. There are twists of humor, books in books, overlays, cut-outs, complex folds and pop-ups – a solid investigation of the title the group tackled.

TICTAC/Ptrzia (Germany)

3.0 # 17 (Colours/Folding/Recycling) (Smoothie)

TICTAC An Encyclopedia of Everything

(Accordion book signed Ptrzia (tictac), number 7 of 8). I still cannot for the life of me work out how TICTAC manages to make such elegant books with pristine cuts and folds and no finger marks – not ever! Lime and Orange smoothies I think – soothing to say the least.

Mikhail Pogarsky – An Encyclopedia of Everything


Pogarsky An Encyclopedia of Everything

Its been many months since I blogged. There are quite a number of books I have received this year. No excuses, but my time is being invested in other areas. I was about to whine about the lack of it, but that’s the situation with everyone. It’s going faster and is voraciously swallowed quicker by many more people. I remember reading somewhere – it you don’t use your time wisely someone else will! A good maxim to take note of. It is a pleasure again to page through these small volumes and see the care and love artists who make books spend on this art form. I can feel this ‘wee beastie’ stirring again.

Mikhail Pogarsky An Encyclopedia of Everything

A note from Mikhail reads:

Hi Cheryl,

This is the short description of my book:

Mikhail Pogarsky. Poems

Digital print, collage, author’s and antic stamps, painting. Single copy. 2016. Artist’s book combining 2 collections of poems by Mikhail Pogarsky: “12 dedications” in Russian and “Parypar” in Italian (translated by Evelina Schatz). This diptych is covered by different collage fragments, stamps and paint. The general idea – visual art is international language of poetry.

Best wishes to you”.

Book of Fire

Pogarsky An Encyclopedia of Everything - Catalogue

Mikhail sent this signed catalogue after an international exhibition of miniature artists books under the title Book Fire. The brief was to make a book inside a match box. There are ingenious interpretations of this theme inside the catalogue. I remember well this exercise – working small is not on my yard stick, but We’re post-literate and going up in flames was not too bad an effort!

catalogue Pogarsky An Encyclopedia of Everything