The Portal Pages. An Encyclopedia of Everything – The Expanded Version

Portal Papers.  Cheryl Penn. Bhubezi Mythology. An Encyclopedia of Everything. Portal Papers.With 127 done and dusted (much to his relief The Traveller was FAR better at this than he expected), test 2 was unfortunately NOT a test – time was running out and they needed a piece of The Uncertain Brown Portal in order to move Hatshepsut’s Obelisk.

Portal Papers.  Cheryl Penn. Bhubezi Mythology. An Encyclopedia of Everything..

123 could not be classified as a DOOR really, more like an arch, but this did not deter The Traveller. She STILL did not realize this was NOT Dream Time.   Or maybe she did and didn’t mind. Playing a sitar in a band going no-where was not the life she had planned.

Portal Papers.  Cheryl Penn. Bhubezi Mythology. An Encyclopedia of Everything2

The Red Giraffe was not hugely pleased with his human form – he felt LONG. And from the strange looks he was receiving, this current disguise was a trifle too fast walker. BUT he needed to check out the arch opposite the bus station as indicated on the Phaistos Disk (#59/60) (yip – can you believe it, the disk actually has this on the back). The Traveller had suggested that he try a Gerald Format, but it felt uncomfortable and itchy.

The sudden shift to 56 even caught the Red Giraffe by surprise.

Portal Papers.  Cheryl Penn. Bhubezi Mythology. An Encyclopedia of Everything

It was obviously an inter-dimensional backlash from a derecho. People don’t realize that such happenings (widespread, long-lived wind storms) are actually the result of the Moorish Darwish attempting to assail Between. While his minions hunt for the keys with equal fervor, he attempts to twist the immaterial nature of Between. The Traveller double blinked at 56 but further than that she was calm. 56 was indeed a shocker – a dungeon door on the Roman Forum (known in some circles as Mars Hill). This was a kink in the tale for sure. The Traveller, without hesitation stepped out into the milling crowd, seemingly certain of her destination. Erichs map had certainly come in handy and he was very grateful because from here-on-out this territory was beyond his ken. The point of course was to backtrack to the region of the Sof Omar Caves, where the story first began. NOTHING would make sense until they backtracked there.

Untitled but something to do with time and colour

Untitled but something to do with time and colour

Untitled But Something to Do with Time and Colour.  Cheryl Penn.  Aleatory Poetry Free Verse. An Encyclopedia of Everything. The Expanded Version.


Edition of 1 book and 9 chapbooks, aleatory poetry with photographs from the Bones of Contention and Clay Dreams (general title The Spineless Series), July middle 2015.

the moments –

they’re all around us now

incorporeal pale

residual hours

the core of a minute

functioning at full capacity

while gun shots blow doors

and the Sent Ones


to flee.


29 hours door to door

and 10 before that

the mind is unsettled,



The New Alexandrian Library

Reacting to Renee (Omnibus)

Renee Leslie/Cheryl Penn (South Africa).

Colophon: unique collaborative artists book. Mixed media including drawing, digital prints, text, collage, sewing, painting, 32 pages with pockets. Dated September 2009.

Renee Lesley, Cheryl Penn Unique Artists Book. The New Alexandrina Library

Its quite strange looking back to the beginning of making books. I had forgotten so many things. Reopening these works has been a joy on every occasion. Using ‘X’ as a character, I responded to some drawings Renee swopped with me or visa versa. They were dreams I had had, and although when I first looked again, some of the drawings seem irrelevant, they were absolutely not. One dream:

X hummed love among the ruins whilst sitting on a rickety chair looking at a set of ruins. A lonely chair in a lonely spot. It was growing dark, but X kept seeing a flash of blue among the dereliction. A LARGE blue chameleon emerged from the rubble, sitting on a broken pillar, blinking morosely at X. The chameleon suddenly JUMPED and wrapped its legs about X’s neck. X got such a fright! But all the chameleon needed was love among the ruins. I smile as I remember this, so clearly.

One Thousand and One Steps

No. 1 of an edition of intended 5 (only 3 materialized) digitally printed books. Text from One Thousand and One Nights;

“Thou thoughtest well of the days when they went well with thee

and fearedst not the evil that destiny was bringing.

Thy nights were peaceful

and thou wast deceived by them

in the midst of their brightness cometh gloom.

Who is there to aid me in mine affliction

For my pain hath become intense

and my remedy is scarce procurable…


Let fortune do whatever it willeth

a decreed term is my invisible lot

to bear with cheerful mind

and as soon as its days have expired I die.

Cheryl Penn. One thousand and one steps.  Limited Artists Book. The New Alexandrina Library

As the text wanders out the page, so she wandered through the pages.

Asemic Bhubezi Animals

My creative spirit has been labouring a little under lifes burdens, but this last week about 8 skeletons emerged from digs close to The Bridges Between.  Of course the diggers don’t know what they found, but all these creatures are documented in the The Final Chronicles of Lyrehc.  The Bhubezi Mythology is documented on

Asemic animal Cheryl Penn

Asemic animal Cheryl Penn 1

Asemic animal Cheryl Penn 2

Asemic animal Cheryl Penn 6

The New Alexandrian Library – 2 collaborations.

The Tinder Box (Part Two)

Joan Martin/Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

Joan is an artist I have a great deal of respect for. She is a teacher of the highest caliber, generous with her time and expertise and is good at EVERYTHING she turns her hand to. This book is part two as we collaborated on part one together and she kept that book.   Colophon: Unique collaborative artists book, accordion bound, mixed media including drawing, painting, text, stickers, fabric. extended – 295cm X 30cm.

Joan Martin, Cheryl Penn Unique Artists Book. The New Alexandrina Library Joan Martin, Cheryl Penn Unique Artists Book. The New Alexandrina Library.

Cheryl Penn and Jane Leach. Everything and Nothing and Juniper trees and Reacting and Random and impressive and Everything and Reaction and Life and Bald and Paint and Barter and Plans and Eyes ojguyre564kl and William and Henry.

I tell you one thing I found interesting digging into my treasure trove of books – Everything – appears quite a few times. All our thoughts and intuition has been there from the time we start to create, some kind of genetic information chain that resides in the nonphysical. And, this has to be the longest title I’ve seen in a long time. I think it came after the book – an indication of the eclectic nature of its pages. I was very privileged when Jane Leach agreed to collaborate with me.

Colophon: Unique artists book. Drawing, collage, painting, text, sewing, acetate, various papers, linoprints, monoprints, stamps, stencils, wax, fabric. 54 pages, 37cm x 25cm x 6cm. Dated December 2009.

Jane Leach:Cheryl Penn Unique Artists Book, The New Alexandrian Library Jane Leach:Cheryl Penn Unique Artists Book, The New Alexandrian Library.

Light and Shadow – An Encyclopedia of Everything, The Expanded Version

Light and Shadow.  Cheryl Penn. Unique artists book.  An Encyclopedia of Everything.  The Expanded Version.

Light and Shadow

It just goes to show that working on books is a pursuit unbounded by time. I had made this book as part of the UN’s 2015 International Year of Light. The theme was Light and Shadow – you name it organized by Nula Horo (Kassel, Germany). The book includes a favorite piece of text and photographs of negative images. All light then falls into shadow.

Light and Shadow.  Cheryl Penn. Unique artists book.  An Encyclopedia of Everything.  The Expanded Version

Plagiarism – The New Alexandrian Library

Plagiarism –  unique artists book, Coptic binding, various artists, mixed media. Journal submissions, dissertation copies and other assorted documents were pulped in 2011 and remade into pages which were sent to artists all over the world.

Plagerism. The New Alexandrian Library.

They were returned during the course of 2011 and 2012, but the book was finally bound in October 2014. The intention was to discover how various artists interpreted the title. Contributing artists were: “E” – France, Rob Grant – Australia, Rosa Gravino – Argentina, Judith Heartsong – USA, Lisa Iverson – USA, Diane Keys – USA, Susanna Lakner – Germany, Lesley Magwood Fraser – South Africa, Katerina Nitoltsou – Greece, Bifidus Jones – USA, Cheryl Penn – South Africa, Svetlana Pesetskaya – Russia, Nancy Bell Scott – USA, Judy Skolnik – USA, Jen Staggs – USA, Guido Vermeulen – Belgium, Nadine Wendell Mojica – USA, Marie Wintzer – Japan. (Collection Cheryl Penn).

Plagiarism - The New Alexandrain Library

Spread by Bifidus Jones (USA)

Plagiarism. The New Alexandrain Library.