Exploring the Gutter. An Encyclopedia of Everything – The Expanded Version.

Exploring the Gutter.

Exploring the Gutter.  Cheryl Penn. Artists book - An Encyclopedia of Everything

The gutter of a book is that no-mans land in the inside blank margin where the pages are bound. There are actually two gutters, so when one is looking at a page spread there is a doubling of space. In general page arrangement, it is blank for obvious reasons – one battles to access the information and would    split a perfect bound book if attempting to. Straddling the border between texts the gutter is often a quiet place – blank and serene, indifferent to the clutter on either side of it. Of COURSE other book artists have entered this no-fly zone before – think of Un Coup de Dés jamais n’abolira le Hasard (1897) by Stéphane Mallarmé. I must say, I enjoy the page silence.

Exploring the Gutter.  Cheryl Penn. Artists book - An Encyclopedia of Everything  2

Exploring the Gutter.  Cheryl Penn. Artists book - An Encyclopedia of Everything 1

On-line Catalogue – An Encyclopedia of Everything – The Expanded Version

The first 50 books of The Expanded Version of An Encyclopedia of Everything has been published on ISSUU. Please contact me if you can’t download the link. I decided to document every 50 books instead of attempting the task at over 350 like last time!

If you wish to exchange books, this is the following format:

A6 (postcard size when closed)/hard strong cover, 28 – 36 pages including blank end pages, title page, colophon or accordion format, A6 closed, hard/strong cover.

Mail Art Makes the World a Town Assembly Book

Mail Art Makes the World a Town Assembling Book

Edition updates as at today – I have managed to catch up on some admin!  Cover and cut-ups  for whichever version is full first.  For those wanting to participate, please send 27 signed and numbered double sided pages for editions 13/14.  Edition 14 submissions MUST have hand-done elements in order to qualify for inclusion.  At Edition 15  the format will change to postcard size (A6) – 22 signed and numbered pages.

Mail Art Makes the World a Town Cheryl Penn

Edition 13

  • Serse Luigetti – Italy
  • Tiziana Baracchi – Italy
  • Vittore Baroni – Italy
  • Jürgen Olbrich – Germany
  • TICTAC – Germany
  • Katerina Nicoltsou – Greece
  • Claudio Romeo – Italy
  • Erich Sundermann – Austria
  • TICTAC – Germany
  • Hans Hess – Germany
  • Svenja Wahl – Germany
  • Antonio Gomez – Spain
  • Rod Summers – Netherlands
  • Karl Steuer – Switzerland

HANDMADE – Edition 14

  • Erich Sundermann – Austria
  • John M Bennett – USA
  • Anna Banana – Canada
  • Jürgen Olbrich – Germany
  • Vittore Baroni – Italy
  • Meral Agar – Turkey
  • TICTAC – Germany
  • Miguel Jimenez – Spain
  • Carl Baker – Canada
  • Tiziana Baracchi – Italy
  • Hans Hess – Germany
  • JF Chapelle – France

POSTCARDS – Edition 15 – please note change in format to postcard size (A6)

  • Jürgen Olbrich – Germany
  • Torill Elizabeth Larsen – Norway
  • TICTAC – Germany
  • Tiziana Baracchi – Italy


Another absolute beauty from TICTAC.  The mind boggles at her precision and attention to detail with EVERY SINGLE edition and superlatives are superfluous!.  MANY, many thanks once again TICTAC.



Anete Ulmane, Latvia
Angela Behrendt, Germany
Aristide 3108, France
Claudio Romeo, Italy
Cheryl Penn, South Africa
Eric Bensidon, France
Georgia Grigoriadou, Greece
Heleen de Vaan, Netherlands
Jürgen O. Olbrich, Germany
Lamberto Caravita, Italy
Luisa Bergamini, Italy
Marina Salmaso, Denmark
Miguel Jimenez, El Taller de Zenon, Spain
Piet Franzen, Netherlands
Renata e Giovanni Strada, Italy
Samuel Montalvetti, Argentina
Svenja Wahl, Germany
Thorsten Fuhrmann, Germany
Torill Elisabeth Larsen, Norway
Tiziana Baracchi, Italy
Uli Grohmann, Germany
Ptrzia(TICTAC), Germany



Earthly. Marie Wintzer (Japan)/Cheryl Penn (South Africa). An Encyclopedia of Everything

Earthly. Cheryl Penn:Marie Wintzer - An Encyclopedia of Everything - The Expanded Version

Marie Wintzer and I have collaborated before (and continue to) in a series titled Books of Ether. Marie posted me the photographs which she had printed mid-March, and although this project is part of the digital realm, I have also made them into an artefact.   I cant touch, page through, remember as well, when scrolling down a glass screen – its just not a book. Together we published various photos on our blogs, but the e-book was published by Marie on 22 January 2015 on scribd – see


Earthly. Cheryl Penn:Marie Wintzer - An Encyclopedia of Everything - The Expanded Version 1


Made of Clay.

Taken from the dust of the earth, these books became something else, data images that happened in Ether Realms.  It’s always trying to breathe new life into old ideas – like us, they’re never quite ready to die.

Cheryl Penn.

Earthly. Cheryl Penn:Marie Wintzer - An Encyclopedia of Everything - The Expanded Version 2

Making books out of clay,

the work of a potter [shaping soil into pages]

the work of a writer [chiseling words out of sodden earth]

the work of a gardener [growing roots across fields]

the work of an architect [building stories through dust]

the work of a musician [composing songs engraved in ether]

The beauty of those clay books needed no enhancement, their stunning naked aura was evident to any eyes curious enough to see. But one can always demand more of books…

Marie Wintzer.