An Encyclopedia of Everything – Mail Art (Starting Backwards) Vol 2.

Mail Art (Starting Backwards) Vol 2.

One thing I have discovered is that there are actually far more paintings Cut-Up than those I have documented. There are no pieces left of some as they were used as accordion book spines for various projects. A large part of the paintings from #’s 85 – 91 concern my preoccupation with asemic writing.  # 85 was part of an ongoing series I wrote a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it. The text explores the nuances (or not) of written language. The text reads:

Blue-Black Semantic had been stationery for over 2 days, silently evaluating the person of Probability Theory. As a random subset of Planes in the Boolean Fields, it was difficult to set activity parameters for further moves forwards (or backwards for that matter). The Continuum of Percolation was serving no one any good, least of all the Curious B.

That’s the difficulty with theoretical bounds of information capacity – the Grammar Rules were unruly and generally extremely excitable (something to do with compound possession?). Further problems were alternative subjects and verb agreement – no wonder the Curious B. had wandered off with a tattered and battered map indicating overlapping sets of realizations.

Mail Art (Starting Backwards) Vol 2. Cheryl Penn.  An Encyclopedia of Everything - the Expanded Version.

Mail Art (Starting Backwards) Vol 1. An Encyclopedia of Everything – The Expanded Version.

Mail Art (Starting Backwards). An Encyclopedia of Everything. Cheryl Penn,

I have been tidying up lately, trying to divest myself of CLUTTER. I have no idea how one gathers so much STUFF, just that it’s some sort of rule that the minute you get rid of it you’ll need it. Somewhere at the beginning of An Encyclopedia of Everything I began documenting all the paintings I have made for Mail Art. I endeavored to keep a piece of each painting which falls under the general title The Authentic Massacre of the Innocent Image – a series that began after altering Mona Lisa.

Mail Art (Starting Backwards). An Encyclopedia of Everything. Cheryl Penn, Unique Artists Book

This book contains #’s 92 – 98. This book includes a piece of an original Wheatfield’s with Crows – the painting van Gogh sent to his brother in South Africon the occasion of his marriage.

Mail Art (Starting Backwards). An Encyclopedia of Everything. Cheryl Penn, Unique Artists Book.