An Encyclopedia of Everything

WAHL, Svenja (Germany) (Book 520)

3.0 # 17 (Colours/Folding/Recycling)

Svenja Wahl An Encyclopedia of Everything

(Accordion book, unnumbered.) From very early days on IUOMA I remember Svenja folding/recycling and coloring the most interesting old paper/photographs, magazine images. This time, old patterns are stamped and stuck on black matt paper recalling barbed wire forms of separation.

Stephanie Turnbull (UK) Book 521

3.0 # 17 (Colours/Folding/Recycling)

Stephanie Turnbull An Encyclopedia of Everything

(Unnumbered, unsigned, accordion bound book, with pamphlet stitch inserts). A chunky, gem of a book, which must recall the long evolution of Stephanie’s printing career. There are twists of humor, books in books, overlays, cut-outs, complex folds and pop-ups – a solid investigation of the title the group tackled.

TICTAC/Ptrzia (Germany)

3.0 # 17 (Colours/Folding/Recycling) (Smoothie)

TICTAC An Encyclopedia of Everything

(Accordion book signed Ptrzia (tictac), number 7 of 8). I still cannot for the life of me work out how TICTAC manages to make such elegant books with pristine cuts and folds and no finger marks – not ever! Lime and Orange smoothies I think – soothing to say the least.

Mikhail Pogarsky – An Encyclopedia of Everything


Pogarsky An Encyclopedia of Everything

Its been many months since I blogged. There are quite a number of books I have received this year. No excuses, but my time is being invested in other areas. I was about to whine about the lack of it, but that’s the situation with everyone. It’s going faster and is voraciously swallowed quicker by many more people. I remember reading somewhere – it you don’t use your time wisely someone else will! A good maxim to take note of. It is a pleasure again to page through these small volumes and see the care and love artists who make books spend on this art form. I can feel this ‘wee beastie’ stirring again.

Mikhail Pogarsky An Encyclopedia of Everything

A note from Mikhail reads:

Hi Cheryl,

This is the short description of my book:

Mikhail Pogarsky. Poems

Digital print, collage, author’s and antic stamps, painting. Single copy. 2016. Artist’s book combining 2 collections of poems by Mikhail Pogarsky: “12 dedications” in Russian and “Parypar” in Italian (translated by Evelina Schatz). This diptych is covered by different collage fragments, stamps and paint. The general idea – visual art is international language of poetry.

Best wishes to you”.

Book of Fire

Pogarsky An Encyclopedia of Everything - Catalogue

Mikhail sent this signed catalogue after an international exhibition of miniature artists books under the title Book Fire. The brief was to make a book inside a match box. There are ingenious interpretations of this theme inside the catalogue. I remember well this exercise – working small is not on my yard stick, but We’re post-literate and going up in flames was not too bad an effort!

catalogue Pogarsky An Encyclopedia of Everything

Mail Art Makes the World a Town – Edition 15

Mail Art Makes the World a Town

At Edition I5 I chose to change the format of the Zine for a few reasons. Firstly, postage charges are outrageous – sending 24 large format zines overseas was becoming ridiculous. Plus, I think our post office system will soon be declaring itself bankrupt. The repercussions of this are enormous. Secondly I was keen to put the zine SOMEWHERE. With this new format, this assembly book now fits into An Encyclopedia of Everything.


  • Jürgen Olbrich – Germany
  • Torill Elizabeth Larsen – Norway
  • TICTAC – Germany
  • Tiziana Baracchi – Italy
  • Karen Alekyan – Armenia
  • Miguel Jimenez – Spain
  • Vittore Baroni – Italy
  • Wolfgang Guenther – Germany
  • Erich Sundermann – Austria
  • Marie Wintzer – Japan
  • Katerina Nikoltsou – Greece
  • Angela Behrendt – Germany
  • Svenja Wahl – Germany
  • Rod Summers – Netherlands
  • Reed Altemus – USA
  • Ficus Strangulensis – USA
  • Samuel Montalvetti – Argentina
  • Thorsten Fuhrmann – Germany
  • Peter Müller – Germany
  • Cheryl Penn – South Africa
  • Mail Art Makes the World a Town. An Encyclopdia of Everything. Cheryl Penn


FINALLY – some books which are stacking fast in my office

These are all blogged on

Shaw-Williams, Ruth (UK)  3.0 # 16 (Just my Type)

3.0 # 16 - Ruth Shaw-Williams  - An Encyclopedia of Everything

Nartuhi, Kathleen (USA)  3.0 # 16 (From A – F)

Kathleen Nartuhi 3.0 # 16 (From A - F) An Encyclopedia of Everything

Rastello, Martine (France)  3.0 # 16 (Dot the i’s… and cross the t’s)

Martine Rastello 3.0 # 16 (Dot the i’s… and cross the  t’s) An Encyclopedia of Everything

TURNBULL, Stephanie (UK)  3.0 # 16 (NEW YORK NEW YORK)

3.0 # 16 - Stephanie Turnbull - An Encyclopedia of Everything.

3.0 # 16 (Yr Wyddor Gymraeg)

3.0 # 16 -  Stephanie Turnbull - An Encyclopedia of Everything

Catalogue – Books 450 – 500 – An Encyclopedia of Everything

Many thanks to those of you who contributed to Books 450 – 500 of An Encyclopedia of Everything – The Expanded Version. This part of the catalogue is available for download (or curiosity value!) on the international Archive and Issuu. See the following links: