Mail Art (Starting Backwards) Vol 1. An Encyclopedia of Everything – The Expanded Version.

Mail Art (Starting Backwards). An Encyclopedia of Everything. Cheryl Penn,

I have been tidying up lately, trying to divest myself of CLUTTER. I have no idea how one gathers so much STUFF, just that it’s some sort of rule that the minute you get rid of it you’ll need it. Somewhere at the beginning of An Encyclopedia of Everything I began documenting all the paintings I have made for Mail Art. I endeavored to keep a piece of each painting which falls under the general title The Authentic Massacre of the Innocent Image – a series that began after altering Mona Lisa.

Mail Art (Starting Backwards). An Encyclopedia of Everything. Cheryl Penn, Unique Artists Book

This book contains #’s 92 – 98. This book includes a piece of an original Wheatfield’s with Crows – the painting van Gogh sent to his brother in South Africon the occasion of his marriage.

Mail Art (Starting Backwards). An Encyclopedia of Everything. Cheryl Penn, Unique Artists Book.

The Authentic Massacre of the Innocent Image. Painting # 96

I’m sure you’ve read about Vincent’s tempestuous relationship with his brother Theo. But are you one of the few who know there was a third Van Gogh brother, Cornelis, who was raised in the Netherlands, but worked, married and died in South Africa.  If you did know this, you DIDN’T know that Theo sent the painting Wheatfield with Crows to Cornelius in 1898 as a wedding gift (sadly the marriage only lasted 8 months), 8 years after it was painted, 8 sad years after the death of Van Gogh.

Vincent Van Gogh Cheryl Penn

In 1889, at the age of 22 Cornelis came to South Africa working as an “engineer engineer, first for the Cornucopia Gold Company in Germiston and then for the Nederlandsche Zuid-Afrikaansche Spoorweg Maatskappy in Pretoria. He sided with the Boers in the Anglo-Boer War, first as a railway engineer and later as a commando in the Free State. Suffering from fever, he ended up in a hospital in Brandfort in 1900, where he committed suicide by shooting himself, as had his brother Vincent ten years before”.

The painting was lost for many years (the paintings one sees on display in museums all over the world are reasonable replica’s of the original). What HAS happened is that these pieces have surfaced from the owner (by default), who felt the work should belong to as many people as possible, not just one person.