Cut-up # 84 – Sergius’s Architectural Plans (Bhubezi Mythology)

Erich Sundermann in Austria, in a strange dream was given this snippet of information by the Red Giraffe. The reason for this was that a plan had been found within Janie’s lamp (More commonly known as Aladdin’s Lamp), and the owner of Gerald’s guitar shop, realizing the value of such an item, and the harm, should the plan would fall into in the wrong hands, had cut up the plan (now nearly 2000 years old), in order to keep it from the hands of The Others.  The architect, better known as Caius Sergius Orata (fl. c. 95 BC) was also a famed merchant (that information is also important as the pearls relating to his oyster breeding still form the ball bearings for the mechanics of  The Bridges Between.

Sergios's Bridge Plans.  Cheryl Penn.  Bhubezi Mythology.

(It wasn’t until the late eighteenth century that the basic design for bearings was developed – in 1794, Welsh ironmaster Philip Vaughan patented a design for ball bearings to support the axle of a carriage, but in truth, Sergius had discovered this through his connection to the Bhubezi Women).

Aside from being well known to his contemporaries for the breeding and commercialization of oysters (we’re talking BC here!) he was also a noted innovator of the hypocaust underfloor heating. Although this became a commercial venture for him, it was to disguise his part in building the heating systems which would protect the Women from the Freeze of Between.  As an aside, Sergius Orata became rich due to his inventions; he was distinguished for his love for luxury and refinement, and titled The Orata. The reason for this was that the orata were a kind of fish so called for its golden color (aurata, “golden,” also spelled orata). … because he wore two big rings of gold. BUT more about those rings later.

PLEASE take care of your piece of the map should you receive one –  No doubt The Red Giraffe will be knocking at your door soon. He and The Traveller need to gather all the sections to re-form the plan in order to mend The Bridges Between.

Today – Poetry Collaboration – David Chirot/Cheryl Penn. (An Encyclopedia of Everything – The Expanded Version)

Today – Poetry Collaboration – David Chirot/Cheryl Penn.

Today. Poetry - David Chirot:Cheryl Penn. An Encyclopedia of Everything

Edition of 12 chapbooks, 1 book. David Chirot and I maintain an erratic email correspondence, but when his messages arrive their energy is rapid, like fast footfalls pounding the pavements of the city where he lives. One feels the truth of the true lives David inhabits within the spilling of his emailed words, falling too fast to take breathes between.   If one searches one can find the FACTS about a person – where they live, where they went to school, but these words speak nothing of The Person. That comes through sharing Words. Many thanks David – what a privilege. Correspondence for this collaboration with David began 14th August 2014, and has not ended – it was just time to commit to the printed word.

Today. Poetry - David Chirot:Cheryl Penn. An Encyclopedia of Everything 1

The pockets open out to reveal copies of two rubbings David sent and two visual poems I made on the day the books were complete.   For the full set of exchanges see:

One of David’s verses:


Today I saw you again,

down by the junkyard wall

your thick bodied back

half turned from me

the long trench coat dirty and unbuttoned

with a paranoids nod and covert glance

you snuck looks at me

as you  hunched

by the Wall

Today. Poetry - David Chirot:Cheryl Penn. An Encyclopedia of Everything 2

There is another poem David sent titled 14TH AUGUST Today anniversaries of atrocities. This will be published as a separate edition of 12 chapbooks.



Edition 7


All I can say is this is one of the most amazing zines I have ever seen – all testimony to a work ethic based in sound conceptual art practice and HIGH standards of self-expectation.  TICTAC cut the plastic pigs herself – there is a story attached to that and – what can I say, I am filled with admiration, and as pleased as punch to have been in this publication from the beginning – it feels VERY collectible – in the main due to TICTAC’s vision and execution thereof.


Participants to Edition 7

Andrew Maximilian Niss, Germany

Angela Behrendt, Germany

Antonio Gomez, Spain

Claudio Romeo, Italy

Cheryl Penn, South Africa


David Stone, USA

Emilio Carrasco, Mexico

Gianni Simone, Japan

Heinz W. Lotz, Germany

Horst Baur, China

Jack Oudyn, Australia

Jürgen O. Olbrich, Germany

Liketelevisionsnow, USA

Lubomyr Tymvik, Ukraine

Piet Franzen, Netherlands

Pier Roberto Bassi, Italy

Reid Wood, USA

Saffron, Spain

Serse Luigetti, Italy

Tiziana Baracchi, Italy

Vittore Baroni, Italy

Ptrzia(TICTAC), Germany