TICTAC (Germany) – 3.0 # 13 (Short Stories) and (Reluctant Witnesses) – An Encyclopedia of Everything.

3.0 # 13 (Short Stories)

Beautifully crafted edition of accordion books – 1/10. Short Stories – we know what those are – literary works, generally written in prose, comprising a self contained narrative. That’s the accepted version – so what am I to make of TICTAC’s compendium? Stories implies more than one – but I see none of the usual plot devices – MacGuffins, red herrings, plot vouchers or Deus ex machina’s.

In Poetics, Aristotle stated that plot resolution must arise internally, from the story, and so begins my search through paper cuts, inserted, folded text (backwards) and other devices NOT commonly used in story telling. Perhaps it’s a story about the structure of stories – their plots? How to craft the perfect narrative?

3.0 # 13 (Reluctant Witness)

No 6/20 – part of the colophon reads “assembled by the author during a spring that looked like winter”. Fiction – imaginary events or information invented by an author. An additional short story? Whoever these reluctant witnesses are, they leave no traces of wanting to be found, but I get the feeling their story is black and white, and seen through a window darkly.

This is also in instance where an enigmatic title nudges one into the mystery of a narrative. Crisp and clean, beautifully crafted – these two books maintain the hig standards I have come to associate with TICTAC’s work.

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