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Book 7
The Lost Book?

I say lost because this blotter page is quite old – I had already sent image sections to David Stone with his poetry in about January (I think) – and I used other images for the poetry collaboration with Marie Wintzer (The Couch Potato Epic) – and I sent a copy to Berty Skuber in Italy after she sent her most gorgeous artists book on the Katabatic Wind. Perhaps its sitting in the recesses of a cupboard playing with me ☺.
On another note:
Thoughts on the anti-plot (as in anti-a-plot, rather than the literary meaning of the phrase) book and books in a post literate society:
Viewing stains of letters, reversed letters, overlaid letters, even malformed letters seems part of a process where lettering, a unit of writing attempts to define some other sort of visual relationship with its fellows. The singular alphabetical unit is set adrift from original intent – the creation of words – entering and feeding the void of meaninglessness. Verbal/written communication is no longer its primary function; the unit operates on an opaque level, meaningless as a letter, transforming into another visual fragment.

I have to wonder what is getting lost. Does this sort of work feed a narrative blind spot – and with it, a lack of appreciation of history/libraries/books – stories that have been building blocks within ones own culture?
I know the young people I teach are loosing their way – so often I read “I don’t fit” – evidence that past stories are being lost and current stories are just plain confusing. And somewhere I read this is just all about ‘transcendental meaning’ – WHAT??

And make no mistake – I MAKE this sort of work – I guess I have to start thinking about WHY I make it. It looks good, its easy, it takes up a lot of space – it even has a name –
Visual Poetry.
But what is it actually?

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