Zine in a Box

A really interesting project by TICTAC (Germany) – the most beautiful presentation of ANY Zine I have ever seen. To participate you will need to to send 25 GOOD QUALITY submissions, signed and numbered, A5 in size. Its a project which takes a lot of effort and such effort is rewarded by sending work of which you can be proud.

Remi, Penard, France
Tiziana Baracchi, Italy
Helmut King, Austria
Hanna Bayer, Germany
Cesar Reglero C., Spain
Heinz W. Lotz, Germany
Anete Ulmane, Latvia
Jurgen O. Olbrich, Germany
Cheryl Penn, South Africa
Horst Baur, China
Angela Behrendt, Germany
Ko de Jonge, Netherland
Lubomyr Tymkiv, Ukraine
Salvatore Starace, Italy
Marina Salmaso, Denmark
Vittore Baroni, Italy
Claudio Romeo, Italy
Miguel Jimenez, El Taller de Zenon, Spain
Elke Grundmann, Germany
Roberto Keppler, Brasil
Saffron, Spain
Ptrzia(TICTAC), Germany
I am HUGELY pleased to have participated in all 4 editions. I think there are many artists who are kicking themselves not to have made the effort from the beginning.

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