Ruth Shaw Williams – (UK) 3.0 # 12 (She) An Encyclopedia of Everything

Whenever I see the word SHE in isolation/part of a book title, I am reminded of SHE by Henry Ryder Haggard and the mysterious white queen Ayesah – She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. Odd how the memory is triggered. A classic of imaginative literature, I think Ruth’s version comes pretty close to a graphic style novel of another sort of ‘she’ – one not quite so all-powerful, but nevertheless possessing her own unique command. It may be informed by populist convention – particularly that of the 50’s/60’s – but hey – weren’t those the good old days???

I wonder if Ruth possesses a Sherd of Amenartas?? I’m most certain she does. In the realm of the imagination, in the cloak of SHE, I know the mystery of Every Woman remains.
As an aside, in about 1886, Haggard wrote of this book
“I remember that when I sat down to the task my ideas as to its development were of the vaguest. The only clear notion that I had in my head was that of an immortal woman inspired by an immortal love. All the rest shaped itself round this figure. And it came—it came faster than my poor aching hand could set it down”.
O – and I nearly forgot SHE – by Charles Aznavour/Elvis Costello – how beautiful is that???

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  1. Odd how memory misfires after being triggered as well. I read all of H. Ryder Haggard’s adventure yarns yet never heard of his twin brother Henry. And wasn’t “She-who-must-be-obeyed” married to Rumpole of the Bailey?

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