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An unexpected but very valuable side effect to collecting and creating books for An Encyclopedia of Everything is a continued examination of The Book. There is much theoretical debate around the question – what is an artists book? In fact, I think its one of those questions everyone loves debating and therefore will never find an answer to. A Pack of Milk by Marie Wintzer has given further material for an interrogation of The Page – the single unit of a book, and how this functions.

During email correspondence, Marie Wintzer agreed to send me a selection of polaroid’s she has taken around Tokyo. Her methodology is explained in her note where she states that the images were shot using a Holga toy camera and a 120 film.

“ I wanted to show what Tokyo looks like through snapshots while strolling around (almost) random places, so it is quite representative of the streets of the capital. I decided to stop after 3 rolls of film because I got a bit bored, but one can continue this thing forever without ever reaching the end of it”.

Using another cover Marie sent from Book Town, I used a book screw to bind the book.
The action of undoing this book is unusual – the book screw must be undone and the book opened out by a process of unfastening and unfolding. This negates the usual action of page turning. Already we are engaging with a different sort of book. This disturbance of traditional reading actions is called to attention in many works which fall under the umbrella of the book arts. One is also made aware of how information is presented on the page. Here, it is not on the page – it is in the page – the envelope.

Ja 🙂 – I did go on a bit – but I’m in the middle of writing an article and your work was in the line of fire – thank you Marie!!!

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  1. What a great blog, Cheryl, thank you! I just send a pack of photos and look at what happens, a book! I love the book screw binding, the unfastening and unfolding, the use of the envelope. Very special!

  2. I did my BEST to photograph your photographs – NOT very successfully – hence the dearth of your imagery – sorry about that… This book has emphasized some concepts I am working on – so thank YOU X 🙂

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