Mail Days

From Dean Marks – this large card arrived IN TACT with all its bits surviving the mail art chompers…

Nadine Wendell (USA) ALWAYS sends the most beautiful envelopes – AND wonderful contents – so carefully wrapped 🙂

The back of the envelope read – I hat-e puzzles… I confess to being in the same boat right now – see the iuoma blog 🙂 X

And then this card – I DID have to laugh – I DONT do celebrity gossip blogs or twittering or whatever its called :-))! But just in case I ever do – I have THIS!

From Isabelle PARIS  France of course – a wonderful collaged envelope – this ALSO made it intact through the mail – is the following of our dreams cancelled?? I hope not.

My dragon for Henning Mittendorf’s dragon call in Germany

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