New Mona Lisa’s and other Mail in

From David Stafford – The MOST wonderful calendar made with – amongst other things, a few DeskTop Images:

Pedogical???????  Sounds a little like chocolate cake with cabbage icing?

My FAVORITE Spread – read it, you’ll see why 🙂 – and of COURSE it belongs to David!

And whilst we’re on the subject of time – this is the cover Marie Wintzer sent me for a new book I am making in which to store all the art she sends me. Its beautiful craftsmanship :-), based on the year she had stitched previously

From TICTAC (Germany) for the Mona Lisa call – I have also received STAINS – a collaborative book we did together – but I will blog that separately – to BEAUTIFUL FOR WORDS!! Dolly Lisa 🙂

More wonderful stamps – Stamp Booklet 18/35

From Laura P (USA) Mona Valentine (with a bite out!)

David Stafford’s – NO Mona Lisa’s inside…

From Guido Vermeulen (Belgium) – a beautiful chapbook – written by David Stone (Phrygian Press) and illustrated by Guido himself

The envelope Guido sent – a painting titled – The Time Sheet.

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