Some Mail – sorry its not all – time is being a hard master :-(

For the Mona Lisa Call – I am getting some fantastic responses as you can see from the postings below – keep them coming please 🙂 – whoever could have thought that an image, now about 500 years old, can still generate so many interpretations? I think there has to be a book made of all these somewhere along the line.  Anyone know any interested publishers??? Anyone heard of a shouting envelope? If you made this stamp  Vizma I am VERY (capital letters) impressed – its da Vinci’s  head of a man shouting as part of his studies for The Battle of Angina ac 1503.  As a matter of interest, these were to da Vinci the perfect visualization of what he called pazzia bestialissima (most beastly madness).

From Vizma Bruns (Australia)

Vizma caught the master at work – I always WONDERED what he did in his free time.  The small print reads – Dear Cheryl, Something in the mail fro you tomorrow, Leo. Ok – how sharp was that?

And this??? – Yip, A Bona Mona :-)))!

From Liketelevisionsnow (USA). – This envelope arrived in the mail first – warning me of good things to come 🙂 – The Mona Lisa Remix.

I had asked participants to state their view on the authenticity and originality of an artwork. LTS decided he would rather tackle View your State. State of Being? State of Play? State of ???

I think Liketelevisionsnow’s Mona lies in State, a bit cut up?

And in other news,

A new Correspond net Dean Marks (Artist in-Seine) France has also been sending me MANY cut up things. I think it has to do with too much time spent inter-planetary. Houston to Dean – did you manage to control the Red?

Its the test patterns you see. No – you will have to ask Dean for more info about this.  Its a remarkable piece of cut-up anyway. He wont say, but he has elves working for him. And I don’t think he is giving them a pension.

On that note, I think I am cutting up and sending out one of my painting rags. I quite like it.

AND the chart so far of FLUXUS words in my possession from Ruud Janssen (Netherlands)

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