I wrote a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it

Part of  Blue Black Semantic and The Curious B series. (The Authentic Massacre of the Innocent Image – Painting number 78).

Cheryl Penn Asemic Writing

Blue-Black Semantic had been stationery for over 2 days, silently evaluating the person of Probability Theory. As a random subset of  Planes in the Boolean Fields, it was difficult to set activity parameters for further moves forwards (or backwards for that matter). The Continuum of Percolation was serving no one any good, least of all  Curious B.

That’s the difficulty with theoretical bounds of information capacity – the Grammar Rules were unruly and generally extremely excitable (something to do with compound possession?).  Further problems were alternative subjects and verb agreement – no wonder the Curious B had wandered off with a tattered and battered map indicating overlapping sets of realisations.

3.0 # 15 (Writing) Dorothy Orange

Dorothy Orange. Aleatory Verse by Cheryl Penn.  An Encyclopedia of Everything.

Dorothy Orange:

To recap –

Free Verse a·le·a·to·ry ˈālēəˌtôrē,ˈal-/adjective:

depending on the throw of a dice or on chance; random, relating to or denoting music or other forms of art (in this instance writing) involving elements of random choice (sometimes using statistical or computer techniques) during their composition, production, or performance.

These chapbooks afford me the opportunity to commit my words to paper and collation – to produce evidence that thoughts/notes/scribbles can become more than that. The point is not always to produce a work of excellence – how few there be of those, but to work towards one.   There are often moments of clarity, – like the last verse of Dorothy Orange which resonates with the disjuncture of existence I think we all find ourselves in. These verses for me hover between narrative and poetry – possessing the formal elements of neither. As I’ve commented before – I’m in no-mans-land right now – and I had the thought that those plowing the ground are not those that reap the harvest – I guess that’s how it is with many experiments. It certainly feels like that with my own.  For the full ‘poem’ see


Last Verse:

Dorothy Orange we were so SPECTACULAR                                                                                                             on supersonic skateboards.                                                                                                                         Come my beauty, rise,                                                                                                                                              though your underbelly                                                                                                                                                 lies exposed.                                                                                                                                                                Vodka anyone?                                                                                                                                                             We’re on our way to Mars                                                                                                                                          flying clockwork pieces

(Not Orange).

Dorothy Orange. Aleatory Verse by Cheryl Penn.  An Encyclopedia of Everything. 1

Maps to Jupiter and Rome. Marie Wintzer (Japan). An Encyclopedia of Everything – The Expanded Version.

Maps to Jupiter and Rome

Marie Wintzer Maps to Jupiter and Rome - An Encyclopedia of Everything

If in your travels, you ever encounter a Map To Jupiter and Rome, be aware you’ve found a GREAT secret. To interpret these rites of passage to the stars you will need an unrecognizable text and a Great Code Cypher with which to untangle the way. She, the scribe at The Book Worms Lunch may for certain hold the key. Whichever way you choose to begin your journey to the stars, also know that no-one who has ever been there will give you all the clues – part of the journey is finding your own way. There are some things I can tell you are essential:

  • 56
  • sealing wax
  • Jackie Paper
  • string
  • found graph fragments.

Marie Wintzer Maps to Jupiter and Rome - An Encyclopedia of Everything 2

One thing I DO know, its going to be a long journey. This part of a series of evidences (I hope!) took a few months to get here. But we know what books are like – it INSISTED on being posted during a strike. And, from that list, if you know Puff the Magic Dragon, he’ll help.

Marie Wintzer Maps to Jupiter and Rome - An Encyclopedia of Everything 1

Marie Wintzer Maps to Jupiter and Rome - An Encyclopedia of Everything 3

The Hollow Trees of Treebian. TICTAC (Germany)

The Hollow Trees of Treebian

The Hollow Trees of Treebian. TICTAC (Germany) An Encylopedia of Everything 1

Nr. 1 of an edition of 10 handmade books. Colophon: handmade by the author in 2014 with fine art matt paper, embossing and rubberstamps during an autumn that felt like the summer we did not have in Bavaria and just before the Oktoberfest.

The Hollow Trees of Treebian. TICTAC (Germany) An Encylopedia of Everything

I know Ptrizia inhabits numerous wonderful worlds, like Quindi Islands. The Hollow Trees live in a place no different to this – neighbor to Quindi Island?   Treebian is “an island located in the Archipelag of the Fairies, in the South Pacific”. If you have any imagination, you’ve been there – the wind is gentle, so that trees like the Nisi Quiuque have no fear that their live seed will be dropped into the ocean. Rather, two fey seedlings, dropped every 5 years fall gently between their parents where they will be nurtured until they are big enough to walk away and find other Hollow Trees of similar kind.

The Hollow Trees of Treebian. TICTAC (Germany) An Encylopedia of Everything 2

Cynisca. A Bhubezi Woman – The Woman Who Hold Up the World

Cynisca. Cheryl Penn. The Bhubezi Mythology. The Women Who Hold Up the World

The Authentic Massacre of the Innocent Image Painting Number 77

Mortal Sightings:

David Stafford had one through his alter ego Jimson, (he of the24 to 48 hour anticholinergic delirium) all arranged by The Red Giraffe on an unexpected visit to Goya.

It went something like this:

When Jimson first saw her he turned to see if Lemke (off the mail belt asteroid) also saw her but he was fiddling with the straps on his backpack . He wheeled round. She was still there.

“What a lovely mirage,” he thought to himself. She did in fact resemble a girl he had once met at a party – not the woman he married, but a stranger whose face had stayed with him. Now it hovered above him, as impassive as a sphinx, the face pulsating, a frenzied tangle of seething rivulets. Her face was water, Blue, cool.

He could feel the breeze coming across the desert like a kiss, a benediction as though he was walking along a shady creek.   Lemke grabbed his arm.

“What ever you’re seeing pal…shes’s not there”.   BUT SHE WAS!

She was a Spartan woman who broke into the most male of Greek arenas during this period: the Olympic games. Cynisca, the sister of one of the Spartan kings, entered her own chariot team in 396 and 392 BC. She won both times, becoming the first female to win the Olympic games (albeit by proxy) in its 400-year history. Pausanias, the ancient traveller and first ‘guide book’ writer, saw the victory monument erected by Cynisca at Olympia to commemorate her success still standing 500 years later.

The monument simply stated:  My fathers and brothers were Spartan kings, I won with a team of fast-footed horses, and put up this monument, I am Cynisca: I say I am the only woman in all Greece to have won this wreath.

 Pausanias, as mentioned before was a careful, pedestrian writer, he was interested not only in the grandiose or the exquisite but in unusual sights and obscure ritual.     He is occasionally careless, or makes unwarranted inferences, and his guides or even his own notes sometimes mislead him; yet his honesty is unquestionable, and his value without par. In the topographical part of his work, Pausanias is fond of digressions on the wonders of nature, the signs that herald the approach of an earthquake, the phenomena of the tides, the ice-bound seas of the north, and the noonday sun which at the summer solstice casts no shadow at Syene.

Pausanias, was given a key by Cynisca which was lodged years later in the Needle of Hatshepsut. But more about that later. Suffice it to say, now you know that Cynisca is a Bhubezi Woman and that David Stafford really saw her.