Books of Ether – Work in Progress Marie Wintzer/Cheryl Penn


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An Encyclopedia of Everything – The Expanded Version – EVENTUALLY!  I have found it quite a problem posting images of books on blogs – one takes perhaps 3/4 images of what is quite a complex animal – multifaceted and needing to be read in its entirety.  Working collaboratively like this on images opens up a new way to tackle that problem.  Marie – again – beautiful – your softest of touches is making the clay books sing X

ClayVispo1 copy ClayVispo2 copy ClayVispo3 copy ClayVispo4 copy

Books of Ether Continued – work in progress Marie Wintzer/Cheryl Penn


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Its ALWAYS good to work together – evidence follows :-)! This will become part of The Books of Ether series published on Scribd – here’s a sneak pre-view. Marie has a touch that is foreign – and familiar to me – this is the essence of true, successful collaboration – no voice is louder than the other, no one style takes dominance – the work just sings together in poetic harmony. I had made a series of clay books (the plan was big but boredom set in). They languished in a box gathering dust. Then, Marie stepped into the images – and … they are new, fresh – she created work that would NEVER have existed otherwise.
(Book in progress)

ClayVispo5 copy

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Black Box Theory


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Set of chapbooks for TICTAC’s Zine in a Box.  I’m hoping they get there – everything is taking FOREVER with the strike – in fact I don’t even know if items reach their destinations, or people think I’ve given up  Mail Art.  After I had written and collated this I dedicated it to Rod Summers and will include in the aleatory verse book Sing Me a Song for An Encyclopedia of Everything – The Expanded Version.  I seem to be reading LOADS of writing by others – it made a nice change to do my own.  Words blogged on

Aleatory Poetry Cheryl Penn An Encyclopedia of Everything                                                                   Fiddling with the photographs was interesting.

she said there was no way they were going home Cheryl Penn Visual Poetry

Visual Haiku Cheryl Penn



I’ve STARTED my next set of books…


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I have finally had a LITTLE breather and have started making books for the collaboration on – 3.0.# 14 (Holes). Its been an eventful year to say the least and I want these books out before the year is done; 1 – because it means I would have done something creative for the first time in what feels like months and secondly, I owe I owe – its off to work I go! Cover and books assembled, but awaiting fillers and finishing.  The mixed media painting gave me 12 sets of covers.

Cheryl Penn Mona Lisa - Artists Book Covers


Cheryl Penn Mona Lisa Artists Books

An Encyclopedia of Everything – On-line Catalogue


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Link for Part one of the catalogue for An Encyclopedia of Everything.  Part one is a listing, description and image of all the books received for this installation.  I am still editing part 2 (my books!).  Many thanks to all of you who made this possible.



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Submission for BAU:

Leonardo da Vinci had some quirky habits. For example, he followed an extreme form of a polyphasic sleep schedule called Uberman sleep cycle which consists of 20-minute naps every four hours. His palimpsest writing, quite unlike his usual script was written in extremely short bouts of R.E.M. around 4 in the afternoon. This holds the clue. A less well known fact is that the Mona Lisa is a painting of his mother Caterina. At her request and in full knowledge of her position as a Bhubezi Women (The Women Who Hold Up the World), it was essential as part of repairing the Bridge Between, that her image be universal. Leonardo’s drawings and notes range from grocery lists, various mechanisms for the Bridge and thinly veiled visual clues as to the mechanisms of Ether.

Cheryl Penn BAU Leonardo da Vinci

Invitation: After ten numbers based on the UniA4 “letter size” and a special BAU A3D tridimensional issue, the magazine continues to explore new dimensions with the next issue BAU TwelveLEO EX MACHINA (2015), which will be based on the UniA5 format (cm. 14.8 x 21). In collaboration with the Museo Ideale Leonardo da Vinci ( founded and directed in Vinci (Florence) by the art historian Alessandro Vezzosi, BAU invites Italian and international authors to design – moving between functionality and imagination – new Leonardesque machines inspired by the myth and the contemporaneity of Leonardo, hypothesizing if possible a concrete utility of these machines in order to expand the possibilities of our future.

Cheryl Penn BAU Leonardo da Vinci 1

You can propose plans, blueprints, drawings, paintings, collages, photographs, texts, scores, digital renderings, etc. of all kinds of new machines or reinventions of Leonardo’s creations, avoiding the stereotypes and rhetoric tied to his historical figure. The theme of the “machine” has repeatedly intersected with the world of contemporary art (from the Futurists to Duchamp, from Tinguely to Stelarc) and BAU Twelve fits into this perspective, combining the genius of Leonardo with the problems and instruments of our age. The editorial staff of BAU will try to build prototypes of some of the machine proposals received.

Cheryl Penn BAU Leonardo da Vinci 2

City – Uploaded on scribd!


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Collaborative books originally made for An Encyclopedia of Everything, now uploaded by Marie Wintzer (Japan) on City has physically not been made yet – we are waiting for photographs to cross the oceans, and with the current postal strike, are holding thumbs. It will be part of An Encyclopedia of Everything – The Expanded Version.

SO exciting :-)! So, it REALLY is still a book in the Ether.  AND the beautiful cover is by Marie.