An Encyclopedia of Everything – On-line Catalogue


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Link for Part one of the catalogue for An Encyclopedia of Everything.  Part one is a listing, description and image of all the books received for this installation.  I am still editing part 2 (my books!).  Many thanks to all of you who made this possible.



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Submission for BAU:

Leonardo da Vinci had some quirky habits. For example, he followed an extreme form of a polyphasic sleep schedule called Uberman sleep cycle which consists of 20-minute naps every four hours. His palimpsest writing, quite unlike his usual script was written in extremely short bouts of R.E.M. around 4 in the afternoon. This holds the clue. A less well known fact is that the Mona Lisa is a painting of his mother Caterina. At her request and in full knowledge of her position as a Bhubezi Women (The Women Who Hold Up the World), it was essential as part of repairing the Bridge Between, that her image be universal. Leonardo’s drawings and notes range from grocery lists, various mechanisms for the Bridge and thinly veiled visual clues as to the mechanisms of Ether.

Cheryl Penn BAU Leonardo da Vinci

Invitation: After ten numbers based on the UniA4 “letter size” and a special BAU A3D tridimensional issue, the magazine continues to explore new dimensions with the next issue BAU TwelveLEO EX MACHINA (2015), which will be based on the UniA5 format (cm. 14.8 x 21). In collaboration with the Museo Ideale Leonardo da Vinci ( founded and directed in Vinci (Florence) by the art historian Alessandro Vezzosi, BAU invites Italian and international authors to design – moving between functionality and imagination – new Leonardesque machines inspired by the myth and the contemporaneity of Leonardo, hypothesizing if possible a concrete utility of these machines in order to expand the possibilities of our future.

Cheryl Penn BAU Leonardo da Vinci 1

You can propose plans, blueprints, drawings, paintings, collages, photographs, texts, scores, digital renderings, etc. of all kinds of new machines or reinventions of Leonardo’s creations, avoiding the stereotypes and rhetoric tied to his historical figure. The theme of the “machine” has repeatedly intersected with the world of contemporary art (from the Futurists to Duchamp, from Tinguely to Stelarc) and BAU Twelve fits into this perspective, combining the genius of Leonardo with the problems and instruments of our age. The editorial staff of BAU will try to build prototypes of some of the machine proposals received.

Cheryl Penn BAU Leonardo da Vinci 2

City – Uploaded on scribd!


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Collaborative books originally made for An Encyclopedia of Everything, now uploaded by Marie Wintzer (Japan) on City has physically not been made yet – we are waiting for photographs to cross the oceans, and with the current postal strike, are holding thumbs. It will be part of An Encyclopedia of Everything – The Expanded Version.

SO exciting :-)! So, it REALLY is still a book in the Ether.  AND the beautiful cover is by Marie.




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Dame Elizabeth Hoby

Hatshepsut  the 8th in a line of revealed characters known as The Bhubezi Women. To set the Scene:

James Henry Breasted was born on Aug. 27, 1865. His mother, Eunice had been contacted by Magenta with the news that James would break the news of Hatshepsut to the world. Being a skeptic, but of nervous disposition, Eunice decided to push James (as per her orders) on leaving Yale to continue his studies at the University of Berlin where Adolf Erman had just established a new school of Egyptology, concentrating systematically on grammar and lexicography.   The study of hieroglyphics (13 in particular) would finally prove to be the nzuzo isi.

It was here that James realized that Hatshepsut (Foremost of Noble Ladies) was actually a Bhubezi Woman, and he is known to have exclaimed that she is “the first great woman in history of whom we are informed.” See

 Hatshepsut is said to have reigned for 22 years – but of course we know this is not the case (refer Chronicles of Lyrehc). In EXACTLY 1510 BC Hatshepsut, had the vision of the loss of the Bridges Between.   Together with Ineni the great architect it became her ambition to build structures which would house articles needed for Bridge repair. The buildings and their important contents would need to last (human time) until the appearance of the Red Giraffe and the Traveller (See # 65, # 66, #67). But lest I overwhelm you at this stage, I’ll leave the story here – after all, another portrait of this Bhubezi Queen WILL be found and the chronicle will continue, as its doing while we watch and wait.



Taking down An Encyclopedia of Everything and Other Matters.


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Well, all good things come to an end I’m told, with the exhibition very well attended, and receiving good write ups.   While taking it down, Carol Brown (a well known curator) came and borrowed about 15 books which are going on exhibition as a section of An Encyclopedia of Everything on a paper art exhibition in Reunion.  She took books by Stephanie Turnbull (UK), Martine Rastelllo (France), Petru Viljoen (South Africa), Catherine Mc Cue Boes (Australia), TICTAC (Germany),  Marcela Peral (Argentina) and myself.  There were of course many other books she wanted but these were easiest to display as most were accordion format and very sturdy.  It was HARD parting with them let me tell you!  The first part of the catalogue is finished and I am waiting for my web controller (is that what he’s called?) to put it up on my book site.  It is 222 pages long and is a list, text and image of all the books received from  participants.  My books will come as document 2 as I was afraid of a file explosion!  Photographs taken on the last day and while taking down.

An Encyclopedia of Everything - Last Day

An Encyclopedia of Everything - Last Day 1

An Encyclopedia of Everything - Last Day 3


More Photographs of An Encyclopedia of Everything and Other Matters


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This time courtesy of Paulo Menezes – many thanks Paulo.  Website:

An Encyclopedia of Everything Photo An Encyclopedia of Everything Photo 2 An Encyclopedia of Everything Pohto 3

Its Just not Wonderland. Cheryl Penn/TICTAC (Ptrizia) (Germany). An Encyclopedia of Everything.


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Book 11 in a series of collaborative writing endeavours. 

Its Just not Wonderland Cheryl Penn:TICTAC An Encyclopedia of Everything

This poetry book was a real Work In Progress for quite a while, beginning in March this year. I had said I would not use the same verse again, but this had already begun – and in a way, I am glad it continued as this collaboration provided further insight into the path words take in the minds of different Wordsmiths. In verse two, TICTAC’s immediate response was the metaphor of a mirror. There are many philosophers who have used analogy. Take these two examples:

Søren Kierkegaard (1847) wrote: “as the sea mirrors the elevation of heaven in its pure depths, so may the heart when it is calm and deeply transparent mirror the divine elevation of the God in its pure depths”, and Richard Rorty, too, makes use of the mirror metaphor in his work, Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature (1979), arguing that “the picture which holds traditional philosophy captive is that of the mind as a great mirror, containing various representations—some accurate, some not—and capable of being studied by pure, non-empirical methods.”

Our collaboration went like this:

Its Just not Wonderland Cheryl Penn:TICTAC An Encyclopedia of Everything 1

…The mirror lies

Emptiness has no face

But a fascinating blankness

Like Walking Along

The suspension points…


…caught inbetween

reality and a marginally

illusory perception of now

in which

the mirror lies

lies the


For the full version of this work see